Membership of the Association is open to any person holding a Bachelor/Master Degree or PhD in Medical and Allied Sciences (Member) / pursuing above mentioned degrees (student members) of the age of 18 and over who reside in Mauritius and overseas as well.

The members shall on admission pay an entrance fee of Rs. 250 for members who reside in Mauritius and 25$ (USD) for members from abroad, and the annual subscription fee payable at latest by the end of March for the year it is due as below:

  Residing in Mauritius Overseas
Student Member Rs 250 25$ (USD)
Member (degree holder) Rs 1000 50$ (USD)

A person holding a Master Degree or PhD in Medical and Allied Sciences may enrol as a Life Member on payment of the following subscription fee:

  Residing in Mauritius Overseas
Life Member Rs 2000 100$ (USD)

Payment should be made by cheque or bank draft in favour of International Association of Medical and Biomedical Researchers.

Application for membership shall be made in the prescribed application form and addressed to the Secretary along with the applicant CV (not more than four pages).

Membership shall start on payment of the entrance fees together with subscription fee.

The decision to accept or to reject any application for membership rests with the Managing Committee which shall not have to justify its decision regarding admission or rejection of membership.


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